Donnelly Comments on Asian Carp Problem

Published 08/01 2014 08:33PM

Updated 08/01 2014 08:38PM

It's no secret that asian carp are a threat to other species, but lawmakers say they're also a threat to the economy.

As we've previously reported, Indiana Senators Joe Donnelly and Dan Coats, as well as other lawmakers are calling for immediate action on the Asian Carp problem.

They want to make sure Asian Carp don't get into the Great Lakes.

The invasive species does live in several rivers that lead into the Great Lakes.

Officials have been using electrical barriers and ladders to keep them from getting through.

Senator Donnelly says Asian Carp threaten our ecosystems, but also the fishing industry, "When a group of folks from Terre Haute want to go up fishing in Lake Michigan and fish for salmon, fish for perch, that they have a chance to do that. So, the health of the Great Lakes and the health of Lake Michigan directly affects the rest of our state as well. So, it's important not only to folks in that area, but also in Terre Haute, in Sullivan County, in Clay County that we get this right."

Senator Donnelly and Senator Coats joined other lawmakers in sending a letter to the white house on the issue.

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