Disguised Drugs Gaining Popularity in the Valley

By Kyle Inskeep

Published 08/29 2014 03:04PM

Updated 08/29 2014 09:14PM

A routine drug bust inside this Terre Haute home Thursday produced some unusal evidence for police.

"The individual stated that it was sour patch kids, and at that time I asked him if it was just sour patch kids or if they were laced with anything like Xanax and he immediately lowered his head and said yes," Shiloh Raulston, a trooper with the Indiana State Police Department said.

20-year old Devin Nunn now faces multiple criminal charges for selling the candy-laced drug.

"They'll dissolve a prescription drug in alcohol and they can either inject the sour patch kids, gummy bears," Raulston said.

Police say there's now obvious difference between pre-packaged gummys and those laced with deadly drugs.

"It's almost like it's intended for kids," Jesse Williams of Terre Haute said. 

Neighbors say there are plenty of kids in the area of this latest drug bust.

Williams lives in the neighborhood and has three children.

He was shocked to hear about the candy-covered Xanax pills.

"We trick or treat here, we live here, this is our home and I honestly felt it was a safe neighborhood," Williams said.

Noah Coley is a counselor at the Hamilton Center.

He says disguising drugs in food is the latest trend.

"We used to use marijuana in brownies and now we use Xanax and Melatonin and Vicodin and everything else and we just hide it in food," Coley said.

It's become such a problem, Coley has posted a presentation online titled "Ten Drugs Your Kids Could be Doing Right in Front of You."

"Whether it's a "Zani Bar", a Xanax in a brownie or hiding alcohol in a mountain dew bottle or something that's discolored probably one the higher reasons kids gets suspended," Coley said.

A problem one parent hopes is fixed soon.

"That's a little scary you don't expect it this close to home," Williams said.

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