Counties Implementing Weight Restrictions on Roads

By Kellie Bartoli

Published 02/19 2014 04:55PM

Updated 02/19 2014 06:17PM

Potholes aren't the only potential problems on the roads.

Starting Thursday, some Valley counties are implementing weight restrictions.

So who does that really affect?

Ten tons is 20,000 pounds - but when it comes to many trucks, that's practically nothing.

The heat is on, or so it seems, and this winter's extreme freezing and thawing can leave many roads feeling soft.

"More potholes, more cracks, more alligator cracks, deeper patches... a lot of maintenance expense," said Sullivan County Engineer Benji Boyd.

So that's why these signs are now up. In Sullivan County, it's a ten-ton weight restrict on all hard surface roads until further notice.
That's more than just semis -- it includes some farm equipment and even garbage trucks.

Officials hope many companies will switch to smaller trucks so service isn't stopped or interrupted. But....

"Even a UPS  truck is going to push that, or a delivery from a FedEx truck, it's gonna push that limit. So it's not a very large truck to exceed that ten ton limit," said Jerry Smith, sales manager at Illiana Truck Parts.
This truck -- small by many accounts -- weighs about 10,000 pounds on its own. It's plated though to haul 26,000, topping that ten-ton limit.

Still, most drivers don't try to push it because it makes it harder on them, too.

"If you see the weight limit....the drivers are educated and they know they can't go there," said Smith.

And county leaders say in case of emergency, they're here to help.

"If you need to get, say, a load of propane to your house, we'll make every effort to accommodate you," said Boyd.

Sullivan County's restriction starts at 7 a.m. on Thursday.

Daviess County's weight limit starts at 10 a.m. on Thursday.

Knox County Commissioners are making a decision Wednesday night.

Restrictions in Lawrence County, Illinois could come next week.

Vigo County says not yet.

All other counties are okay for now.

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