Corn and Soybean Forecast

By Caitlin Centner |

Published 08/13 2014 06:32PM

Updated 08/14 2014 08:38AM

A local farmer tells NBC 2 Indiana is seeing the best crop it's seen in quite a few years.

Despite the harsh winter and thoughts that it may effect local farmers... the corn and soybean crops are setting records.

Brad Burbrink said, "Things have been great for crops. We got in the fields pretty timely and got a good crop up out of the ground and as the season went on God's blessed us with wonderful weather for growing crops."

Terry Hayhurst said, "USDA came out with a crop report yesterday and showed just an excellent crop and production at this point in time... a 14 billion bushel crop, which will be an all-time record."

For the second year in a row Indiana farmers are on track to harvest a record-setting amount of corn... estimated  at more than one billion bushels... and the soybean crop isn't looking so bad either.

Close to 278 million bushels of soybean crop is projected to harvest this year.

Terry Hayhurst said, "Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Ohio... those states are looking at record yield this year... as high, almost as high as it's ever been."

It's a game of supply and demand... because so much corn is being yielded, prices have dropped significantly.

Terry Hayhurst said, "More bushels usually drives prices lower."

That may pinch famers, but it's a good thing for the public and for livestock producers. According to Hayhurst there will be 30 to 40 percent more corn available than what's needed this year.

For the rest of the season to go well, farmers need good weather, timely rain and more heat.

Brad Burbrink said, "You know us having this huge crop we're hopefully gonna have... that's something that's pretty well out of our control. We give the crop everything we can give it but that's all it comes down to is mother nature and rainfall and sunshine."

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