Community Hosts Birthday Party for Iconic Sculpture

By Melissa Crash

Published 08/26 2014 03:39PM

Updated 08/26 2014 08:33PM

The community of Terre Haute held a birthday party on the corner of 7th and Wabash to celebrate something unique, a sculpture.

In honor of the 4th anniversary at the location, visitors stopped by to enjoy some cake.

Max Ehrmann at the Crossroads has become a popular Terre Haute icon.

Art spaces, Wabash Valley's Outdoor Sculpture Collection welcomed people to stop by and visit.

Local artist Bill Wolfe, who created the sculpture of Max was there for people to meet.

Officials say Max is probably the most photographed sculpture in the area, and people love to sit and take pictures with the famous poet:

Mary Kramer, the Executive Director of Art Spaces said, "So people can really celebrate what Terre Haute has to offer and what it's offered for many decades and years, and centuries actually."

Officials washed and re-waxed the sculpture, to make sure Terre Haute's renowned poet and his memorable words are in the heart of the city for generations to come.

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