Cold Beer Lawsuit Decision

Published 06/17 2014 11:56AM

Updated 06/17 2014 07:35PM

You will not be able to buy cold brew at Indiana convenience stores. A federal judge has released his ruling on a lawsuit that challenged the regulation of beer sales. Judge Richard L. Young said Indiana law restricting the sale of cold beer to package stores was rational and not unconstitutionally vague.

Currently, only package liquor stores can sell cold beer, other stores must sell it at room temperature. Indiana is the only state that regulates beer sales based on temperature. The Indiana Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association filed the lawsuit in May 2013 to challenge the law.

Judge Young wrote: “The state has a legitimate interest in limiting the sale of alcohol and, more to the point, a legitimate interest in curbing the sale of immediately consumable beer to minors.”

Curtis Bodine, the owner of Pimento Sunoco says the law is confusing for store owners and customers. "I have to pay attention to every box because if I put one that's a flavored malt product in the cooler then I'm breaking the law and the only difference being one little line on it that says flavored wine product or flavored malt product. Alcohol content is the same, label is the same, the people we're selling it to are the same."

Officials with IPCA say they will continue to fight to change the law.

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