City Council Re-zones Land for Major Retailer

Terre Haute City Council approved a new major retail store to build on the city's fast growing east side Thursday. The unanimous vote re-zoned the field at U.S. 46 and Margaret Avenue for commercial use. It's the final step in bringing Meijer to Terre Haute.

It's a process that has only been in the public eye for weeks, but the city has put in a lot more work behind the scenes.

"We've been working on this probably about a year and half," said Mayor Duke Bennett.

There's a lot of red tape to cut through in bringing a business that size to a new city. That process can be long and tedious. The county's area plan commission and city council worked with Meijer to move the process along quickly. Less than one month after the official announcement the company is approved to build.

"It's moving really smoothly through the process," said Mayor Bennett. "You try to make sure that everything is in order so when they bring it here it can be approved."

There's already a strip mall across the street from the new Meijer location. Mayor Bennett expects the addition of the store on that side of town to add an extra boost to the area.

"They want people. They want customers," said Mayor Bennett. "Meijer building a very large store out there will then double, we'll have two large boxes and that'll bring the small in-fills. The restaurants and that kind of thing. We've already had interest from two businesses that said they're going to locate out there. Can't really talk about that but it's coming. There will be more."

Representatives from Meijer at Thursday's meeting also mentioned they are trying to hire several local businesses to work on the project.

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