Cash Mobs Help Support Local Business

By Melissa Crash

Published 08/09 2014 04:33PM

Updated 08/12 2014 01:32PM

A group of spontaneous shoppers stopped in a local business in Marshall, Illinois.

They're called cash mobbers, and these customers are supporting business with a small town address.

You may have heard of flash mobs, but cash mobs are the new craze.

Gathering shoppers to spend twenty dollars or more in one locally owned business to boost the economy. On Saturday, the cash mobbers stopped at Clover Field Meat Market, bringing a new idea to Clark County.

Susan Maurer, owner of the Clover Field Market said, "I felt very privileged, very honored that the local chamber of commerce chose our business to initiate this new concept."

Officials described it as a "reverse groupon" that's meant to give small businesses a chance. Maurer thinks the new concept will have a positive effect.

"I think it's important to keep money locally, I think it's important that we support each other," said Maurer.

But often rising costs of doing business, means small businesses have a hard time competing with those large retail giants.

That's why the Clark County Chamber of Commerce wanted to step in.

Jennifer Bishop, Executive Director of the Clark County Chamber of Commerce said, "For us to bring other people in from other communities, to other stores that are available in town to help these little mom and pop stores, is really important to us."

Bishop says they learned this concept from another county, and saw the major impact it brought. Giving them the idea, what opportunities could it have for us?

"We thought, you know this would just be a great opportunity for Clark County, and for people to really start experiencing, and have such a positive feeling about Clark County," said Bishop.

Local businesses not only gain a one-day influx from cash mobs, but new customers are found, and a new appreciation is served.

"Become better informed what our community, what our small community has to offer," said Maurer.

This is the first cash mob in Clark County, but local businesses in the area be on the look out

The Chamber of Commerce is already planning on a few more locations before the end of the year.

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