Big Time Send Off for Baseball Team

By Brett Edwards |

Published 06/19 2014 10:48PM

Updated 06/19 2014 11:47PM

Fans packed the bleachers at Gideon Field Thursday as if the Rox were playing.

The only thing is they weren't, yet they still felt the support of their town.

"It's just awesome seeing a small community, everyone come out," said Josh Brown, Senior and Team Captain. "Every school that we're rivals with during the season, they're all here. There's nothing like it."

"Being back here and seeing the beauty in a small town and the community and even other schools tonight to be here to support us, get our boys fired up, and having the signs everywhere," Venus Wilson, mother of Dalton Laney, said. "The town is painted blue."

And those signs and paintings can be seen simply by driving up forty one through Rockville.

"When you come from a small town like this, it's the entire community, maybe even the county that's involved," added Bob Kyle, Rockville's head coach. "They're really really supportive and have been all year."

The opportunity to win state has brought the team closer together than ever before.

"All week we've been doing something after practice together," Brown explained. "Going to Terre Haute Rex games, going out to eat together. We really haven't left each other. We're just a family kind of."

"It's almost like they're a brotherhood," Wilson said. "We used to say that everybody was as one. Where they won together, they lost together, they learned together, they grew together. And these boys have put an entirely different meaning behind that."

For some on the team, it's their last game in a Rockville uniform. Win or lose, they'll still have a sense of accomplishment.

"There's no other feeling like it," Brown said. "I really hope we win but if we lose, I'll going to be super happy. It was my dream to walk onto victory field to play in a state championship."

Coach Kyle says he can't explain the excitement the kids are going through.

He hopes their magical season ends on a high note.

"It's a storybook season and hopefully it'll be a storybook ending. But if not, it's great for them, it's great for us. It's just a great group of kids to coach," Coach Kyle added.

But the players aren't alone in their excitement.

"You got to see me at the game," Wilson exclaimed. "I'm the loudest one so just get ready for that. We're really supported of them and we get excited and pumped up and i know that pumps them up."

The Rockville Rox will be taking on the Shakamak Lakers Saturday.

First pitch is at 1 PM at Victory Field in Indianapolis.

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