Bicknell Wants to Move Police Station

By Brett Edwards |

Published 08/18 2014 05:20PM

Updated 08/18 2014 08:26PM

A local city is doing what it can to move its police station to a new location.

Currently, the Bicknell Police Department is in a small room in the basement of City Hall.

One visit to the police facility will show you just how important the move will be.

Until a couple of years ago, a boarded up building at Fourth and Main in Bicknell housed the Casey's General Store.

Then Casey's moved locations, leaving the building to the city.

Now the city hopes to turn it into the new location for the police department as the current station does not accommodate the needs of the Bicknell police force.

"This is about all we have to work with," said Paul Jones, Police Chief of Bicknell. "We have a full-time dispatch unit here. Plus we have six full-time patrolmen trying to work on one computer and we have no room. Everytime it rains outside, it comes down into our police department."

Chief Jones feels moving the police station to main street will be good for the city.

New location. Plus we'd get out of the basement and be right on Main Street," said Chief Jones. "With the redoing of the stabilization grants and everything and redoing Main Street, it'd be a big plus for the city."

One resident we talked to agrees that the move would benefit the city.

"Anytime you can fill up a building on Main Street that is boarded up or whatever is better, looks better," said Mary Reel of Bicknell. "And I know they're cramped over there."

Mary Reel also says the move may limit speedsters in downtown Bicknell.

"People might think a little bit more about speeding down Main Street if the police station is right there," added Reel.

The move will help the force in several areas.

"We could accomodate our work force plus we could have computer pods for everybody and more room," Chief Jones said.

Since the store came into the city's possession, they've been putting money aside to help finance the move.

They are also applying for another grant to receive outside assistance.

If all goes to plan, they hope to move to the new location by the end of next year.

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