Assistance for Adoptive Parents

Published 08/12 2014 07:59PM

Updated 08/12 2014 08:24PM

Adoptive parents in Indiana will receive assistance during the 2015 fiscal year. Governor Pence announced that the State of Indiana will fund the State Adoption Subsidy. The funds will be available through reversion relief.

Governor Pence says funding the subsidy is the right thing to do, "Although the State Adoption Subsidy is only a small piece of the assistance the State of Indiana offers to adoptive parents, it is my belief that funding the program this fiscal year is the right thing to do." He adds that the Adoption Study Committee is looking at ways to help Hoosier families and promote adoption.

More than $92 million is paid in adoption subsidies for over 11,000 children by the State of Indiana through the Federal Adoption Assistance Program and the County Adoption Subsidy. Children who do not quality for those funds may receive other adoption assistance and can be put on the wait list for the State Adoption Subsidy.

Parents of adoptive children with questions can send an e-mail or call (877)265-0086.

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