ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Raising Money and Awareness

By Kyle Inskeep

Published 08/13 2014 05:05PM

Updated 08/13 2014 06:37PM

Ice in a bucket, and then dumping it on your head.
It's the latest challenge sweeping the country.

"I saw the Kennedy's and I saw Justin Timberlake," Danielle Worley of Terre Haute said.

Celebrities and every-day people are doing it to raise money for the ALS Association, and awareness about the devastating disease the group hopes to some day cure.

"For reasons that we still don't quite understand we have nerve cells that control our body and those degenerate in ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease," Dr.Peter Duong, associate dead of the IU School of Medicine Terre Haute campus said. 

ALS is a progressive neurodegenerative disease

It affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord.

Patients in the later stages of the disease may become paralyzed.

Dr.Duong calls it a devastating illness.

"Usually their mind remains very active and so you can feel the frustration of the patient when their mind remains very active but they're unable to move their body," Dr.Duong said. 

Brian Worley, A 16-year veteran of the Terre Haute Police Department was diagnosed with the disease in April.

"There's really no words for what you do feel," Worley said.

He's now partially confined to a wheel-chair, but continues his work as a detective.

Worley is dependent upon on his wife Danielle When it comes to everyday tasks, like tying his shoes.

"I think that it's made us closer together and I mean, we know every day when we get up that we're going to try to have a good day," Worley said.

And Brian says it's a good thing to see so many people learning more about ALS.

"It's great I tell people that I'm a fighter I don't give up, I'm not giving up all I got to do is hang on, they'll find a cure and to see these people doing that is amazing," Worley said.

The Terre Haute Police Department is raising money to help Officer Worley buy a new wheel-chair.

You can help by purchasing a raffle ticket.
One is $15 or you can buy two for $25
First place wins $700, second place gets $150, and third place gets $100.
You can purchase tickets from any THPD officer or at the department until September 15. 

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