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TERRE HAUTE, IN - Entrepreneurship is more prevalent in Terre Haute than many think. One spot in particular welcomes those with ideas to help make the community a better place.

Today was a big day for Launch Terre Haute and some of their members they're showing how a strong foundation can lead to success.

The first brick and mortar business that started at Launch Terre Haute was able to do what all business ideas intend to do there spread their wings and fly.

Launch Terre Haute is going on its second year in the Valley and they're starting to see a positive impact.

Just a snip and an open doorway leads to a whole new era for one local business.

"The goal is to offer the downtown location and surrounding areas access to a class and fitness studio that's personalized for them," co-owner of Wellness Box L.T. Thompson said.

The Wellness Box got situated at its new location at 6th and Wabash on Wednesday. It's the first brick and mortar business to make its way from Launch Terre Haute where they incubated for about a year in an office space, bouncing ideas off other members.

"What we're really trying to do is provide a space for them to prove out a concept before going out and signing a long-term lease or doing a lot of investment before they really know what the market is," Shelley Klingerman, excutive director of Launch said.

This way, they already have a community to bring with them when they are ready to make that leap. And their community following will break a sweat.

"With the body composition testing that we do and the heart rate monitoring that no one else offers around town it gives us the ability to still have that one on one attention even in a class setting," Thompson said.

Thomspon says their new space can hold around 10 to 20 people per class each person will be hooked up to their own monitor so their workout depends on what their heart rate reads which means some may have to push harder.    

And a push is something Thompson is grateful for from Launch Terre Haute.

"Sometimes stepping out into the business world, you have your idea but you really don't know what to go next... So Launch Terre Haute has been great."

There are about 50 members of Launch. Klingerman says with the Wellness Box heading out to downtown, she expects it to bring more businesses nearby.

To view a class schedule of the Wellness Box, visit their website at

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