Knox County Spends Big Money On Update

Knox Co. Sheriff's Dept. Upgrades Their Technology

The Knox County Sheriffs Department says it needs $95,000.

Sheriff Mike Morris says the funds will be going towards new body and car cameras as well as new safety vests for the officers.

"You have to advance with the times," Sheriff Mike Morris, Knox County.

The new cameras are part of an integrated system.

When the car camera is turned on the body camera automatically turns on as well.

This way there is less room for error.

"Sometimes you are going to forget to turn on your body camera, where this automatically engages," said Morris.

The sheriff believes this will increase protection for both the officers and the people they deal with.

"We are trying to take all the steps that we can to protect everybody," said Morris.

But where is this money going to come from?

The Knox County Jail houses inmates from other counties as well as federal inmates.

In order to do this, those counties have to pay a fee.

A portion of these profits will be used to purchase both the cameras and the vests.

They hope to have the cameras and vests in full use within the next eight weeks.

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