Intersection Causing Confusion for Drivers

Terre Haute, IN - Old fashioned wooden stops signs have appeared at a busy intersection in Terre Haute.

Typically drivers would rely on traffic lights to navigate the intersection.

Drivers Monday tell WTWO they don't really know what's going on with the intersection of Erie Canal Road and Springhill Drive.

But what they do know, is they are  concerned for their safety and others.

"I don't know what they're doing, but I think it's going to be kinda confusing for drivers," says Debra Hood, a local driver. 

That confusion is found at the intersection of Springhill and Erie Canal.

"There's a stop sign and a flashing [yellow] light," says Debra Hood. "So which are you supposed to do? Stop? Or the fla- or yield? So I bet there's going to be some wrecks out here that they're going to have to deal with."

Drivers know that a yellow flashing light means to yield.

But with the new stop signs, which one do drivers obey first?

Jim hood, local driver: "I guess you just stop and look both ways," says Jim Hood.
"[Adding stop signs] is basically done so that everybody has to stop," says Brad Miller. "And therefor, there is no misunderstanding about 'where should I be going? What should I be doing?' And it limits the city's liability."

The intersection usually features a normal stop light.

"In that intersection is a malfunctioning stop light," says Miller. "And that is why it's on flash."

Brad Miller, transportation director for the City of Terre Haute, says his workers have tried to fix this malfunction, multiple times.

"It started last week when we repaired it," says Miller. "It started- it did it again. And we repaired it. And it did it again. And so what we've found out is the malfunction is kind of out of our wheelhouse and so we've had to bring in an outside contractor."

Drivers who use this intersection regularly are aware of the issue, but they still want to warn others on the road.

"Be careful," says Jim Hood. 

"Don't worry about the yielding," says Debra Hood. "Just go ahead and stop. Because if you stop, look and listen, like we were taught when we were 16, everything should be fine."

Brad Miller says that drivers should expect to see this set-up for the remainder of the week.

Drivers also need to be aware of workers in the area once the outside contractor does come in to fix the stoplight.

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