Host Families Needed

Terre Haute, IN - The Prospect League gives young baseball athletes a playing field to groom their skills in the summer, and even receive attention to further their careers and education.

Players have come from as far away as Canada and Venezuela to play in Terre Haute. And when they get here, they need a place to stay. 

Gina Bradley and her family have played host to players in the past. "It's nice to offer them a nice home cooked meal, to sit around the table, and just learn about somebody new."

She likes the interaction her two boys have with the ball players. "My boys still text our players. They still ask them how's school going, how's your baseball season going, and likewise our players have always come and watched our boys play their games, just like we go and watch them play their games."

The same goes for Becky Buse who is the host family coordinator. "We've had eight players and all eight players we stay in touch with all the time. We just got back from Mississippie where one of them got married, and they wanted us there."

The only mandatory responsibility for a host family is to feed and house a player. Players and families fill out informational forms so the team can place compatible players and families together.

If you're interested in being a host family, call Becky Buse at 812-898-2257.

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