Hoosier Lawmakers Debate On Gun Legislation

INDIANAPOLIS - WISH- Tuesday's shooting comes as the debate over gun rights and restrictions plays out across the country. Some states are moving to raise the age limit to purchase a firearm to 21.

State Senator, Ed Melton, a Democrat from Merrillville, said "I think it's a step in the right direction. Of course that's not going to address all of the gun policies that need to be addressed as a state."

In recent weeks, in the wake of the Parkland, Florida school shooting, Walmart, Dick's Sporting goods,  L.L. Bean, and Kroger announced they won't sell guns to anyone under 21.

State Representative, Ed DeLaney, a Democrat from Indianapolis, said

"I'm just very pleased and gratified to see private industries saying 'there's a real problem with our country with kids being killed by guns. There's a problem with the nature of some of these weapons. There's a problem with how we sell them, and they're stepping up."

Early this month, Florida's Governor signed sweeping gun legislation, raising the gun-buying age to 21 and extending the waiting period to three days. We wanted to know if Indiana lawmakers would consider a similar move here, so we asked lawmakers before the 2018 state legislative session ended.

House Minority Leader, Terry Goodin, a Democrat from Austin, explained  "I think as we talk about the gun debate, I think everything needs to be on the table. I think adults need to sit at that table and talk about what needs to be done to make Indiana a safer place to live, work, and raise a family."

State House Speaker, Brian Bosma, a Republican from Indianapolis, said

"I personally don't think the state needs to act in this regard right now. It's a little ironic that we put an M-16 in a young man's hand and we put him on the streets of Kabul but don't let him buy a .22 rifle for target practice when he returns. So, I have no problem with the free-market making those decisions."

Last week, the National Rife Association praised what it calls "anti-gun legislation that stalled and failed to pass this session."

Even so, Moms Demand Action said they believe the tide is turning about gun legislation.

Beth Sprunger, a spokesperson for Moms Demand Action "Being able to see companies see this and the general public is starting to change the way they feel about gun laws."

The National Rifle Association is now suing Florida over the age limit increase, saying it is unconstitutional.

As for President Trump, he stated on Twitter that the decision on raising the age limit is up to the states for now. Plus, he'll watch the court cases and rulings before acting on a Federal level.

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