Hometown Hero - Ginny Hogg

TERRE HAUTE, IN - Our latest Hometown Hero is one of the true heroes of World War Two.

Mary Virginia "Ginny" Hogg is the mother of a dear friend, Linda Dockery and her four siblings. When Ginny was just 17, she and a couple of friends left their home in Kansas and headed to California where the three got a job at a Douglas Aircraft plant producing C-54's, the largest plane in the Army Air Corps.

Her job was to rivet the wings to the planes so she became a true Rosie the Riveter, emblematic of all the women that were the backbone of the war effort, In fact, her story is in a Rosie the Riveter museum in California. 

She was married to Donald Wayne Hogg of Kansas for 40 years.  He was a WW2 vet as well.

Ginny died last spring after a full life, part of which she did what she felt compelled to do to become one of our best Hometown Heroes

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