Holy Cow

TERRE HAUTE, IN - Fertilizing the field is one way to give back to a local church and it's an annual event that continues to gain momentum.

This is the fourth year for the Central Christian Church's Holy Cow Drop. The event started a little bit later than scheduled, because Betsy the cow arrived fashionably late.

She's the number one celebrity for the event, expected to go number two for some big winnings.   

"Like many congregations we are always trying to find interesting and new ways to fund our mission in our ministries. That's very important to us to do what we believe God has called us to do in our world, but we also love to have trmendous amount of fun," Rev. Rebecca Zelensky said.

Tickets for the event are only 10 dollars and you get a spot on the field. If Betsy ends up going on your spot, the winner gets 10 thousand dollars, all proceeds go toward the church.


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