High Mileage Team

Terre Haute South in National Competiton

Terre Haute - An important national competition is right around the corner for a local high school. 

It involves engineering, mechanics and teamwork. The students in the Super Mileage Club at Terre Haute South are going the extra mile to build a car that they hope will do very well on the track.

Here it is. 

The pride and joy of the Terre Haute South Super Mileage Club.  They don't really have a name for it but maybe they could call it the Brave Mobile.

"We might not be the best high school but we're still beating a lot of the big name colleges, said Douglas Dillion, club member.

This vehicle was designed and built by students for the Shell Eco Marathon Americas in Sonoma, CA.

It's a national competition  where the best high school and college teams try to stretch a gallon of gas to the limit. When this car hits the track, it will have a gas mileage of several hundred miles per gallon.

"I think we're more optimistic this year simply because  we have the experience of going the last two years and we know what to expect going in there," said Dillion.

That's right, this club has a long history of competing.  One glance around the classroom and you can tell, these students are learning while having fun.

It's detailed.  There's everything from computer designs, to 3-D printed parts and even a 3-D printed model that was tested in a wind tunnel.

"To get high miles a gallon  you have to program the motor with a  computer so there's a lot of work  right there," said Maverick McGill, club member.

"We have kids with lot's of different talents, said Gregg Dillion, teacher.  Just building parts putting it together getting to work problem solving."

The competition is tough, especially the 10 station safety inspection process.  It's extremely important.

If they pass the inspection, it will be the job of driver Grant Ward to squeeze out as many miles per gallon as possible.  He has to drive 10 laps in 25 minutes on the Sonoma road course with other vehicles.  it's a tense experience.

"You get a little shaky you're wondering what could happen, said Grant Ward, driver.  What you don't want to happen, yeah."

Grant Ward is an experienced driver.  He drove two years ago, but missed last year because he went to prom. But this year, prom is after the competition.

That's good news for  these super students from the Super Mileage Club at South

Those Braves will compete in Sonoma from April 19 through 22.  The trip costs a lot and they have some fine sponsors including Duke Energy, Stark Industries and Vectren Peabody.

If you're wondering, last year the competition was won by a university team from Canada.  They got over 27 hundred miles per gallon.

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