Hate Speech On ISU's Campus

For the second time this semester, a student is Mills Hall is a victim of hate

Terre Haute - An ugly incident continues to unfold at Indiana State University. Freshman, Mckinsey Glover believes one of her floor mates in Mills Hall targeted her with a hate crime.

"I was very surprised. You hear about it but when it actually happens to you, you're like, woah this is real," said Glover.
Glover posted the evidence to Facebook.
Someone taped hair and a sanitary pad to her door outside of her room, they also left a hateful message on her white board, "black lives don't matter."

Glover says another African-American girl on her floor had the same message written on her white board in august.

"I don't think that we should have to fight. I don't think we should have to argue because we look this way or we sound this way or we are doing this or we are doing that. But, I also don't think that it is fair, or it's right," said Glover.

She believes the incident stems from an argument she had with another dorm resident.
The students met with ISU officials, where glover says that she learned that the alleged perpetrator is now under investigation.
According to Glover, officials told her they are leaving the hair and pad out of the discussion and focusing on the hateful speech.
Despite this experience, glover is not running away, "I am still going here I am not leaving. They have me for the next four years."

One of her peers heard what happened and felt compelled to speak out.
Jarel Shaw is an author, public speaker, and dancer amongst many more things.
He used these three talents to spread the message of awareness and to encourage his peers to embrace individuality.
"Her experience, of course, it matters, it is happening now. This isn't something that you can just brush under the rug. This happens probably every day we just don't know about it or it just came out now. This isn't something that is new. We need to continue to be aware of this," said Shaw, Freshman.

Glover says that more than anything she wants things to go back to normal on her dorm floor and to send a message to the public about stereotyping race.
"I just want everyone to know that everyone isn't like this at all. All whites aren't like this, all blacks, all whatever you are. I just want them to know that, don't hate this race because they did that," she said.

Glover says that the best thing to do when facing these kinds of situations is to report the problem to  authorities and give the process time to unfold.
She says if that doesn't work then you can decide the most effective way to non-violently spread your message.
For her, it was Facebook.

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