Graduation Day at WVCF

Carlisle, IN - An atmosphere of accomplishment filled the state prison in Carlisle Friday. This isn't an easy place to live, and an even harder place to succeed. But on this day,125 offenders stepped forward to accept a diploma or certificate of achievement.  

"It took me six months to get my literacy, and my task test to complete my G.E.D.," said Christopher Trotter. 

Within the Department of Correction, education and training serve many purposes. Inmates can earn a high school equivalency, or pursue a variety of vocational training. Those who graduate from the different programs also get time-off their sentences, anywhere from three to six months. For prison managers, they get someone who is less likely to be a repeat offender.

"It's time to get myself together, and my family, I love them you know, and I wanna go home. I don't want this lifestyle no more for myself," said Cody Maple. 

Family members of the prisoners get something too, a chance to be proud of a father, son, husband or brother.

"If I could jump and shout and praise God right now, that is what I would do," said Patricia Trotter. She is pleased her husband will now have choices.

Christopher Trotter is a long term inmate, who says a lack of education will limit opportunity, even in prison. "I kept on dreaming and this moment means everything to me."

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