Going To The Carwash

Terre Haute - Your vehicle may be in need of a good wash after driving through salt mixtures on the roads.

We found some folks at Crew Carwash today cleaning the salt and grime from their vehicles. But, if you're unsure of washing your car on such a cold day, the folks at Crew Carwash say, just keep these things in mind.

"Definitely wiping down your door jams and things like that. Not allowing water to sit in the doors, that could freeze your locks. Other than that, as long as you're not going to immediately park your vehicle and let it sit for hours on end, you should be perfectly fine," says Crew Carwash General Manager Brody McCalister.

It's important to clean salt off your vehicle, because it can eat through the finish. It can also cause damage to the metal parts underneath your car.


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