Councilman Comes Prepared

Regarding Jail Discussion

TERRE HAUTE, IN - Coming up on Tuesday, Vigo County commissioners have called a special meeting before the scheduled county council meeting.

We met with councilman Brendan Kearns today who's not sure of the agenda, but is making sure he comes prepared.

The latest with the commissioners is a new Vigo County jail location after the International Paper Property was pulled from the running.

Councilman Kearns says he thinks a new jail should be built on its current property. One complaint of the current location is not enough parking, but Kearns wants the proof.

"I've walked the parking lot, I've counted how many spots are here, I've counted how many cars sit here. And I'm going to come back monday morning and do the exact same thing, I'm going to find out really what the parking needs are. Because being told there's not enough parking, I need to see data and concrete information," he said.

Commissioners are currently looking into the location across from the federal prison on State Road 63 and Springhill for the new jail.

Commisioners are waiting for tests to determine if the soil is suitable for building and say they've received no objections for the location.

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