Construction Kicks Off In Sullivan

Step One of Many Is Under Way on Washington St.

The city of Sullivan is getting a much needed face lift.
"As I have said before, the city of Sullivan is literally collapsing beneath our feet," said Clint Lamb, Mayor of Sullivan.
Lamb says that the future doesn't look good for Sullivan if some changes are made soon.
Residents are also noticing the issues. They seem to agree with Lamb that many of their roads have become both an eye sore, and a safety hazard.
"It is so important that our elderly citizens, our disable citizens, and the children of the community get across that street," said Lamb.
The city received two grants to fix some of the roads, the Storm Water Grant, which is repairing three of their streets.
They also received the  Community Crossing Grant, which kicked off the construction on West Washington Street on Monday.
"Grants like this are essential. I mean you have to every single day, every minute, every hour of every day our administration is laser focused on going after grants and maximizing our dollars," said Lamb.
And Lamb is not the only one that is excited to see construction get underway.
Though it is an inconvenience, residents are more than ready to finally see the upgrades underway.
"Well i am glad to see it. The street was getting pretty bad and it is one of the main entrances into town. So somebody looking to do something here, it looks better if you come in on a nice street rather than one full of potholes," said James Long, a 45 year Sullivan resident.
They plan to have West Washington Street done come fall, and Mayor Lamb thinks it is going to make a big difference both in morale and business.
"Here on West Washington Street the city will start paving here at the intersection and will go to the city limits. At that time from the city limits we will go out to the Highway 41 which is County."
Lamb says things are looking up for Sullivan and he anticipates a big turn around once more projects get checked off the list.

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