Bus Stop Safety

Terre Haute, IN - A bus stop is a key link in a journey for a bus rider, however people with disabilities  might have difficulty because some stops aren't as accessible as people think. 
The Indiana Citizens' Alliance for Transit and Health by Design are going around Indiana to make sure each city's bus stops are safe and meet disability requirements.
They also want to promote active transportation which is walking, biking and using public transportation, instead of driving a car. 
"We are looking at the accessibility and safe access to and from bus stops in your origin," said Addison Pollock, Indiana Citizens' Alliance for Transit Coordinator at Health by Design. 
They are concerned with sidewalks, curbs, and all the accessible pedestrian signals, and these are the links that enable a person to safely access public transportation.
"There's work in progress, but i think we are trying very hard to make it accessible to everybody," said Debbie Hensley, Office Manager of Terre Haute City Bus. 
With this bus stop accessibility survey, people got a hands on experience in what to look for at local bus stops. 
"We are going to different bus stops to see how accessible they are, and we are going to access it to see what we can approve it," said Hensley. 
There are more than 40 bus stops in Terre Haute, and the groups didn't get get a chance to look at each one, but the ones they did evaluate where around major stores.

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