Bennett Holds State of the City Address

Mayor gives update on major projects

Terre Haute - How's Terre Haute doing? According to Mayor Duke Bennett, pretty good. 
On Tuesday he delivered the annual state of the city address where he updated the public on the city's financial status, one he describes as positive and balanced.
He also updated projects like the work on Margaret Avenue that is back on its original schedule to be completed by July 2019.
Bennett says these large projects are a major improvement for the city. The gas and excise tax have allowed an additional 40 thousand dollars a month to be spent on the streets.
"I try to put as much information out annually that I can about what is going on in this city. And then give people a chance to answer those questions. So I love doing this, one, but two, it is just really important to be available and be accessible to the public in a format like this," says Mayor Bennett.

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