At The Mercy Of The Pump

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. - It's no secret that rising gas prices aren't a welcome trend for any driver.

"I think most people complain about the gas prices," said Roger Myers.

But for people like Myers, high prices affect his everyday work. He's a delivery driver at Marco's Pizza, and must fill up every 3-4 days.

"Thank goodness it still pays," said Myers. "You still make money, you're just making less, but you know, you still have to, you still have to drive it."

Alice Santell, a delivery driver at Insomnia Cookies, is also at the mercy of the pump. As a result, she's become somewhat unfazed by rising prices.

"I don't really pay attention to the prices," said Santell. "I need the gas for my job, so."

Myers says he tries to be more careful with his travels when prices go up.

"You have to kind of watch, extra trips, consolidate," said Myers. "Yeah, you have to watch what you're doing, or you can spend way too much on gas."

And he has also adopted some techniques to lower his gas usage.

"Well, I use my cell phone a lot to take the shortest route," said Myers. "That helps."

Because in this area of work, when the tank gets low, to the gas pump you must go.

"I mean it affects my job but, if I need gas I need gas," said Santell. 

Myers says he tries to fill up on Mondays and Tuesdays, but with the spike in prices we saw throughout the Valley yesterday, it seems like there's no correct science as to when to get lowest gas costs.

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