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Local Students Say Giving Back is a Piece of Cake

Daviess County, IN. - Looking in the home and consumer science room at North Daviess High School, it's easy to see that there's no shortage of food or cooks.  

Since taking over classes 8 years ago, Anna Bontrager has changed the way students learn, by putting teens in the kitchen more and spending less time hitting the books. 

Thanks to Bontrager, students are learning more than how to cut and measure.         

"That's what we do here, we learn to cook we learn to give," Anna Bontrager said.  
Students cook food for the hospitality room at every home basketball game, charity events around the community and celebrations for the school and more. 
And those indulging are starting to take notice. 

"It's kind of ironic that they have to fix their own meal before they can come down and eat it with the team," Bontrager said. "And it's fun when we have the hospitality room and the referees will be eating and I'll say, you know the big center he made that."

Over the years the number of male students has more than doubled, and more than half of the student body takes at least one home-ec class before they graduate. 
The classes aren't required, but for some kids, learning how to give back and feed themselves is the perfect elective. 

"It just shows that we really care as a community and even if we aren't a part of this community we can still reach out and help you," Eric Wade said.  

It looked so fun I just had to jump in.

And whether students are making a pie or a batch of chili, learning how to cook and bake is a recipe for success.  

"That just makes me feel so good that they've taken something they've learned and they made it there own and they are using it, that's the best part," Bontrager said. 

So far this year students at North Daviess High School have stirred up more than 50 gallons of chili and 25 gallons of potato soup. 
And in the past two days the kids whipped up and decorated 41 dozen cupcakes for a "Night To Shine" event.

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