A Day on the Green With Dad

TERRE HAUTE, IN - What are dads around the Valley doing today?

Maybe one of the most stereotypical spots to check was of course the golf course. Where we found dads and grand-dads carrying on a family tradition with and without their family.

Either way, the weather cleared up so some dads can clear their heads.

"It's a good sport. They can play it all their life, they can play with their kids with their fathers, husbands, business wise. It helps a lot of ways, it's good for their personality to get out and enjoy it," Kenneth Mcvey said.

"You get to spend your whole lives with your kids on a golf course, so those five hours a day, you get to hear what they're doing, it's very enjoyable and you know what's going on in their lives," Gregg Kluesner said.

We met up with these fathers today at Rea Golf Course.

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