51 Miles For 51 Hearts

Casey, IL. - "I can't believe we are doing this today," Colin Bird said. "What have I gotten myself into." 

For those driving in Casey, Illinois Saturday, Colin Bird looked like your typical runner. 

But for Bird this run was anything but typical. 

"I'm the luckiest man in the world," Bird said. 

The Casey native returned home from Hollywood to run 51 miles non stop, to raise support for his film Sojourner to be filmed in his hometown and honor the life of his late father. 
He dedicated each passing mile to loved ones.     

Back when bird was a resident of Illinois running a mile let alone 51 was a pipe dream. 

"If I was the town chubby kid and I can lose the weight through running, if I can do 51 in the cold anyone can do one of anything," Bird said.  

Bird's journey started at 9:30 Saturday morning where he was greeted by friends, family and town officials cheering him on. 

And before he even left the starting line, his passion and drive had inspired the community. 

"Just real proud of him and he's going to make this movie that he's making," Jason Blanchard said. "I'm just real proud of him and glad to be called his friend real well."

"Well the communities come together pretty much on all the things that has been happening here but this movie is going to be a great blessing and it's just bring our town together," Terry Blanchard said. 

The 51 miles took Bird around Casey into Martinsville, to Marshall and back to Casey. 

For Bird the time it took to complete the run wasn't important. 
He wanted his journey to inspire others to chase their dreams. 

"You don't do something like this," Bird said. "You can't get through 51 miles in the cold by the way. Unless you are trying to do it for a cause that's bigger than you and what bigger cause is there then other people." 

If you would like to meet the filmmaker and learn more about his movie Bird will be holding a meet and greet Sunday night at Great House Pizza at 6:30 p.m. 

For more information about the film click here.

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