50 Years Fighting the Flame

TERRE HAUTE, IN - One local hero continues to fight the fight against the flames.

Red Morris has been a firefighter for 50 years now, he's with the Otter Creek Township Fire Department and has no intention of retiring any time soon.

Today he was honored with a chief's cookout put on by family, friends and his fire crew to celebrate his dedicated service and even his recognition by the Indiana Volunteer Firefighters Association.

Red tells WTWO news that this is a job you get into to find it becomes a part of you and you 'go ahead and do it.'

"Every time I turn around, somebody needed something done and I was glad to do it for them and I just kept going and kept going and it really has gone fast," he said.

Red says that today is one of his favorite memories over his 50 years. Although he may not enter burning buildings any time soon, he will continue to help his crew.


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