Angie's List: Gutter Cleaning

- It’s a fall chore no one likes to do, but if you don’t clean your gutters regularly, you could be asking for trouble.
According to Angie’s List report, you shouldn’t ignore your gutters or downspouts.
If you can’t or don’t want to clean your gutters, call on a professional to do the work.
They should remove all leaves and other debris from your roof, gutters and downspouts.
They should also check the overall condition of your gutters and make any necessary repairs.
While leaf guards, covers and screens can help reduce debris collecting in your gutter, you should still check them regularly.
Experts say up to 20 percent of leaves and other material can get through a gutter cover.
Gutter cleaning requires the use of a ladder, which can be dangerous.
When hiring a professional, Angie’s List recommends you check that the company is licensed and insured, has worker’s compensation for its employees, and has a good reputation and work history

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