Technology Matters-Your Credit Info

    143-million Americans may have be impacted by the hack of Equifax this summer.
    Thieves stole names -- Social Security numbers and birth dates.  Addresses and driver's license numbers were also taken.
    Hackers also snagged more than 200-thousand credit card numbers and other documents containing personally identifying information.
    This kind of data is extremely valuable to cyberthieves.
    If a cybercriminal maxed out a credit card in your name -- it will be difficult passing a credit check.
    If you're information is in the wrong hands, you'll struggle getting a new cell phone, a student loan or car.  A mortgage might be out your reach.
    Your driver's license in the wrong hands can cost you money.  The hacker runs a light or gets popped for're on the hook.
    What can you do?
    Freeze your credit.
    It can be a chore.  You'll have to unfreeze each time someone needs to run a credit check on you.  It should prevent most forms of ID theft.
    Also, regularly monitor your credit.
    Online resources -- including the Identity Theft Resource Center -- provide excellent tools to help you defend yourself against ID theft.





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