Technology Matters-Phone Woes

    The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a sweet looking phone.  Stunning display, fast processor and improved cameras.
    It hits stores next week and coming with it an urgent software fix for a serious problems.
    The screen has a red tint.  Bigger concern, the security sensor is on the back and next to the rear snapper.  Fingerprints are obscuring the lens.  The iris/facial recognition feature on the S8 doesn't appear reliable.
    The S8 may be the phone to beat this year, but it's problems come after the Galaxy Note 7 mess.  Come on Samsung.

    While Samson tries to fix it's new phone, Apple is rethinking the Mac Pro and planning anew Mac.
    The Mac should come out this year.  The "rethought" Mac Pro won't hit stores until next year.

    There's light beer, now there's Twitter Lite. 
    Mobile only, using less data, loading quicker on slow connections and using less than one megabyte of space.

    Nintendo's Switch is the fastest selling console in the U-S and in company history.
    Switch sold more than 900-thousand units last month.  Demand is so great the company can't ship enough devices.
    Nintendo needing a hit after the failure of it's Wii U console.  Switch has a way to go to top the original Wii, which sold more than 100-million units.

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