Technology Matters-iPhone X

    Edge-to-edge screen. 3-D face recognition.  The iPhone X will be one of the hotter smartphones for gift-giving.
    So hot you may have to wait until next year to get it.
    Apple says the earliest delivery will be up to six-weeks, that's the first week of December.
    Some analysts say demand could push delivery to February.  One tech guru says Apple will have just two-to-three-million X's available the first weekend of sales.
    Don't abandon hope.  Retailers will have phones this Friday.  You'll likely have to be first in line though.  We could see campers waiting for the stores to open.
    This one is sparking debate.  Amazon will deliver by unlocking your home and leaving your stuff inside.  With your permission, of course.
    Convenient.  Your package won't be left outside.
    Now, you'll need a smart lock and Amazon's Cloud Cam, so don't look for this to become widespread just now.
    Critics don't like the idea.  Alexa listens, will soon see and now Amazon wants to come inside.
    A less controversial idea.  Uber has a new feature to make running errands or picking up friends easier.
    Starting tomorrow you can add up to three stops on one trip.
    You can change while Ubering and remove stops in real time.
    With the latest Uber app you should see this automatically.

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