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     A new Common Sense media survey gathered information about how children 8 and under are consuming media these days.
    The report shows a big jump in the use of tablets.
    Just one percent of kids under 8 years of age had a tablet in 42 percent have their own tablet.
    Access to mobile devices is widespread...a whopping 95 percent of families with young children now have a smartphone.
    About one-in-ten kids have access to an Internet-connected toy or voice-activated device, like Amazon Echo.
    Contrary to pediatrician recommendations...nearly one-half of children 8 and under consume media in the hour before bedtime.
    Researchers recommend parents take an active role in controlling their kids' media diets.
    Common Sense also recommends keeping t-vs out of the bedroom.
    From tablets to smartwatches.  The watches are meant to give parents peace of mind...but some could be putting children at risk.
    Researchers in Norway found the devices could make sensitive information vulnerable to hackers...or worse.
    Several consumer advocacy groups are urging the Federal Trade Commission to investigate.
    The Norwegian research tested 4 smartwatches...3 sold here...and found major security vulnerabilities.
    Flaws that could allow hackers to access smartwatches and manipulate the devices.
    Privacy concerns also extend to data collection, where the data is stored...and whether parents have control of that information.
    From the concerning to the cool and something for kids of all ages.
    Take a walk on Mars from your living room.
    NASA and Google teaming up for this free, virtual space exploration.
    The technology simulates walking on the red planet, providing close-up views of discoveries made by the Curiosity rover.
    You can view it on a computer, phone or through a virtual reality headset.

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