Technology Matters-Google Home

    "Google Home" users are going to see some new features -- as it competes with Amazon's Echo and Apple's Siri.
    Google is adding hands-free calling, just weeks after Amazon added the same feature to Echo.
    It's adding Spotify and SoundCloud integration.  All existing Google Homes will get Bluetooth powers so you can stream from a smartphone.
    It's also adding tv partnerships, including support for HBO Now.  Now you can ask the Home to play "Game of Thrones" over your Chromecast.
    Home, Echo and Siri battling.  And we win.

    Google Lens requires a check. 
    The tech company says Google Lens takes the artificial intelligence capabilities of Google Assistant...and puts in into visual search.
    With it -- point your smartphone camera at an object.  If Google Lens recognizes it -- it will give your more information about that object.
    Lens features are expected to roll out to Android phones in the coming months.

    Facebook is cracking down on links to spammy sites.
    Its part of the effort to show "fewer misleading posts, and more informative posts."
    Facebook is trying to give the boot to low quality web pages.  If a page has too many ads and not enough original text, then Facebook considers it spam.
    Also, Facebook will make sure fewer see and click on "disruptive, shocking or malicious" ads.
    The links aren't being banned.  Post and it will appear on your wall.  But it's news feed ranking will drop and fewer will see it, if at all.

    And a reminder.  Social media can be bad for your mental health.
    A British study says many popular sites are detrimental to young people's mental health.
    Instagram is the chief culprit.  Researchers says the photo site makes young women and girls feel body inadequacy.
    Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter also criticized for negative impacts on the young ones.

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