Technology Matters-Google Doings

    There's a new player in the world of virtual reality cameras.
    Google and the Chinese company Yi Technology have unveiled the Halo Camera System. 
    It's actually 17 cameras in one...weighing seven-point-five-pounds...costing some 18-thousand-dollars.  I said 18-thousand-dollars.
    The cameras use Google's Jump software to weave footage from all the cameras into a single 360-degree V-R film.
    It goes on sale this summer...but you might not have to wait that long.                                                                Google is launching a program called Jump Start.
    Filmmakers can apply for free cameras and use of the software.

    Use the Halo to shoot video of the Kitty Hawk Flyer unveiled a couple of weeks ago.
    The flying car prototype is an ultralight aircraft that takes off vertically, as long as your flying over open water.  Don't expect these to fly off the shelves in Arizona.
    The Flyer looks more like a jet ski than car.  You can buy it by the end of the year.  No price set yet.  It won't be cheap.  And don't live in a desert.

    More realistic for most, Google support for multiple Google home users.
    The new features is available now in the Google Home App on users' smartphones.  It lets owners of Google Home add up to six different users.
    It's handy.  Ask something personal, such as a users commute or schedule.  Google Home ID's the speaker and reads out the the correct information.

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