Technology Matters-Gadgets Galore

    Need to print on the go from your iPhone.  Drop 150 smackers on the "Prynt Pocket."  It fits on your phone and prints out small pictures in about 30-seconds

    The picture is stored in the photos turn into video when viewed through the app.

    You can loop vids back-and-forth like Instagram's Boomerang feature.

    The Prynt Pocket holds ten sheets of paper and is inkless.

    An Android version is expected later this year.   

    Here's developing technology for an aging America.  Smart home features for elderly people.

    Senior citizens may be able to live independently longer, with the help of technology.

    The University of Washington is working on the tech.  It includes a multi-sensor to track temperatures, humidity and luminosity.  Motion, as well.

    The thinking is, the earlier you intervene, the earlier you can prevent the occurrence of a catastrophic event.

    Some tech has to be seen to be believed.

    Beijing parks have a high-tech solution to stop visitors from using too much toilet paper.  You heard right.

    Facial recognition tech records each user, then rolls a strip around two feet long for one trip.  The same user has to wait nine-minutes before another is dispensed.

    Park officials say visitors were taking too much paper, even stealing it.

    The dispensers now use about four rolls a day instead of 14.

    How long before this hits Turkey Run?

    Not wanting to leave you with that thought in mind, there's WAYMO.

    It was Google's self-driving car project.  Retitled and it could be worth way more than Detroit's big three...and Tesla.

    Morgan Stanley say the company could be worth 70-billion-dollars.

    WAYMO stands for A New Way Forward in Mobility. 

    I wish I'd bought Google stock when it came out.  I'd have waymo money now.

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