Tech Talk-Weather Radio

By Dan Reynolds, |

Published 03/01 2014 10:36PM

Updated 03/02 2014 07:14PM

        I wish every household had a weather radio. They can save your life.
        "We're going to be giving these away all during the month of March on Monday, Wednesday and Friday during out 6 newscast."
        You register once each day.
        "Everyday you can go in and register and register again. Share it with your friends to get them to sign up as well."
        Register and like our WTWO and WAWV pages and you're good to go.
        This radio is loaded. Plug it in to use. Run it on batteries. It comes with a rechargeable battery to. A hand crank will keep the radio working if you lose power. You can recharge it with this solar panel. There's the weather radio you need to stay informed, AM and FM too.
        There's a flashlight, even an SOS mode. In the event you're trapped and need rescue, hold the flashlight button down 3 seconds and it alerts search dogs. Thanks for you help Daisy.
        You can even charge you cell phone on this weather radio.
        A lot of cool and useful features, but lets not forget the chief reason every  household needs a weather radio.
        "If you're not awake, if you're not watching the tv or sitting around the house when severe weather comes in at 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning, that becomes a problem. Weather radios will have the alarm tone on them which will then go off and wake you up."
        This top-end Midland model will help you stay safe. Thanks to our partner Duke Energy for helping us with this give-a-way. Now, you and your friends sign up each day.



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