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By Dan Reynolds, |

Published 05/18 2014 05:15PM

Updated 06/05 2014 07:22AM

        Lovers of X-Box One rejoice. Microsoft has slashed the price, offering the console without the Kinect Motion Control System.
        Starting June ninth the X-Box One will sell for 399 dollars.
        That's a 100 dollar price cut from the bundled version with Kinect.
        Microsoft is also removing the 60 dollar Live Gold subscription.
        That gave users streaming apps like Netflix and YouTube.
        The changes come after customer feedback saying the X-Box One was too expensive.
        This move puts Microsoft in direct competition with rival Sony's Playstation Four.
        A price cut on the X-Box, but what about the iPhone 6 coming out later this year?
        Plan on deciphering new purchase plans -- and possibly paying more overall.
        Until recently, wireless carriers typically subsidized the price of your device.
        Companies will now aggressively promote installment-based payment plans for the iPhone 6. Companies want to move away form subsidizing the retail cost of smartphones.
        Depending on your carrier, you'll have two choices. Pay nothing upfront and face a higher monthly bill or pay the full cost...resulting in a slightly lower bill.
        Google Glass is on sale to the public. For 15-hundred dollars!
        At that price there still isn't a true consumer model for the web-connected eyewear. This is Google opening up it's beta "Explorer" program to all.
        Google Glass is a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display.
        It shows information in a smartphone-like, hands-free format.
        Wearers communicate with the Internet via language voice commands.

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