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Published 03/13 2014 05:35AM

Updated 03/13 2014 05:40AM

        Its been said men have trouble sharing their thoughts and feelings out loud. It turns out we may not have the same hesitation online.
        A study by the Pew Research Center finds both sexes share over social media to nearly the same amount. 71 percent for women and 62 percent for men.
        That sharing takes different routes when taken off line.
        Time magazine talked experts who said while women are comfortable sharing feelings face-to-face, men are less likely to.
        One psychologist says this may be because sharing digitally is a less threatening form of communication. It gives an illusion of security for those who may feel vulnerable sharing their thoughts face-to-face.
        The Pew study found nearly three-quarters of couples say the Internet influenced their relationship in a good way. So, perhaps all of our social media sharing is not a bad thing after all.
        However, you can forget communicating by Facebook email. Emails showed up as messages for users, but it never took off.
        Facebook plans to focus more on mobile messaging. The company recently acquired Whatsapp, a mobile messaging service.
        If you used Facebook email, messages will be forwarded to your account's primary email address.



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