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        We've all had those times when we're stuck for the right word, so turn to dictionary dot com. It keeps improving and has become the best one stop shop for apps for all mobile phone platforms.  There are word definitions and a great thesaurus with a gazillion synonyms.  You'll find local information and a great 'word of the day' feature to make you look super smart.  This one's free.
        If you want to be an expert on politics get the Settle It app for iPhone and Android devices.  Using a huge database, Settle It sorts truth from speculation and innuendo whether in campaign ads or everyday conversations.  Search for facts by name, keyword or subject, then test your knowledge with a truth-o-meter challenge.
        The Night Sky is a great app for sky watchers.  It lets you identify the stars, planets and galaxies.  Constellations and satellites too.  Just stand anywhere and hold your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad up to the sky.  The night sky will display the names of the objects you're seeing.  Well worth 99-cents.

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