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        One of the handier apps for couples is TWYXT.  It shares calendars, and to-do lists, and photos.  Memos and notes and even a private messaging system as well.  If one person updates, the other person's TWYXT screen is also updated.  It's free, for the iPhone and Android devices.
        Android users looking to stay connected to family members will want to try the Life 360 app.  It bills itself as a family locator app...and more.  It shows on a map where other family members are at any given time.  You can connect with each other by private text messaging.  This keeps other family members up-to-date on your plans and you can share your schedule.
        iPhone, iPad and Android users will want to try the Cozi family organizer.  It sets up and shares a family calendar, sends out reminders and has a family shopping list.  There's also a to-do list and even a family journal.  It's very easy to work...and it's free.

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