Tech Talk-Note Apps

        Hands down, Evernote has long been the best tool for keeping track of things you don't want to forget.  These days, the best is even better with new tools and helps.  These work on computers and mobile devices on the Apple, Android and Kindle platforms.  There are a slew of companion apps that can add on to it's functionality.  It's still free and organizes and syncs documents, PDFs and images.  Web clippings too, all across all your computers and all your devices.
        Yet, Evernote can be pretty complex.  That's where a rival app called Simplenote comes in handy.  Like it's name implies, it takes a bare bones simplified approach to organizing textual materials.  It's fast, also automatically syncs with all devices and platforms via the cloud.  It offers the ease of being...well...simple.  You just use it...and it works.

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