Tech Talk-New Phones

By Dan Reynolds, |

Published 02/24 2014 10:04PM

Updated 04/12 2014 04:57PM

        Sony is hoping to make a big dent in the smartphone market with it's new "X-Peria Z 2."
        The struggling electronics-maker is hoping this will help boost it's business.
        The X-Peria has a bigger battery and screen. It comes with more RAM, an upgraded processor, and 4-K video recording.
        Sony is also releasing a X-Peria Z 2 tablet that's waterproof. But that's for Europe, for now. No word on whether we'll get it.
        Samsung has announced the new Galaxy S Five will be in stores next month.
        The newer model isn't all that different from last year's Galaxy S Four.
        This phone does feature a bigger screen, a heart rate sensor and a fingerprint scanner in the home button.
        It also has a 16 megapixel camera
        The new phone boasts better battery life than the previous model.
        When using these new phone, or your current one, are you guilty of distracted walking? Have you bumped into others while walking and texting? Remember the woman who fell into a mall fountain when she was texting?
        Don't laugh.....the Pew Foundation says more than one-half of cell phone users have bumped into someone.
        All because we're fixated on those little screens.
        University of Washington researchers observed more than one-thousand pedestrians using cell phones. One-in-three were distracted as they walked across a high-risk intersection
        Texters are less likely to look both ways and obey traffic signals. Not safe!
        Ohio State looked at hospital records and found injuries from walking and talking more than doubles between 20-05 and 20-10.



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