Tech Talk-Moto G

        The global unveiling of Motorola's new low-cost smartphone.
        "We're introducing Moto G."
        The announcement made last month in Brazil -- home to the sixth largest economy in the world.  A rising middle class and a major smartphone market.
        CEO Dennis Woodside said Moto G has set it's sites on the world.
 Many of those people are in emerging markets, like Brazil. 
        The Moto G will be offered here in January eventually will go on sale in 30 countries.
        In Brazil the phone starts at 280 American, compared to 600 for the least expensive new iPhone without a contract.
        It's aimed at the country's emerging middle class - people who often don't have computers at home.
        Features include a big, high-resolution screen, the latest Android software and long-life battery.
        In the U.S., Motorola, the phonemaker owned by Google, has it's eye on the pre-paid market, especially students and children.
        Absent from the sales rollout: China, the world's largest market for low-end mobile phones.  But it's a country that blocks many of those Google services needed to make Moto G the new smartphone of choice.

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