Tech Talk-Mind Control and Travel Apps

By Dan Reynolds, |

Published 07/15 2014 06:03PM

Updated 08/20 2014 05:50PM

        This woman is taking a picture of a bowl of fruit.....with her mind.
        It may seem like something out of science fiction, but this is real thanks to a new Google Glass app.
        You can take a picture and post it to Twitter or Facebook using the power of concentration. No voice involved.
        The app requires a Google Glass and an EEG machine.
        The goal is to concentrate -- on anything -- and move the bar on the Google Glass view finder. Hit the top of the screen to take a picture.
        The harder you concentrate...the higher the bar goes.
        "I did it!! That's so exciting."
        Concentrate again...and the picture posts to Twitter.
        The developers have made the code available to anyone who wants to take a look. The hope is that others can build on their technology. So that one day we might be able to make more things happen...solely using the power of the mind.
        No app will help you see the future, so be ready when you hit the road. No tickets, no charge fees, no security lines, but the extra costs of hitting the road can really add up.
        The experts at Retail-Me-Not-dot-com warn that one major road trip expense can hit a waistline, and a bottom line - food.
        Plan ahead and choose restaurants you'll look forward to on a route. For the time in between bring snacks.
        Another overlooked expense - parking, especially in large cities. Research garages ahead of time to find the best deal.
        The same for hotels. A smartphone can help, even with unexpected overnight stays.
        The other glaring expense on the road: filling up the tank. Apps like Road Ninja or Gas Buddy can help locate the best gas prices along the way.

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