Tech Talk-Garden Apps

By Dan Reynolds, |

Published 07/28 2014 09:26PM

Updated 08/10 2014 07:10PM

        As those great garden vegetables start to be harvested the questions start popping up. How do we know when they are ripe, and then how to cook and prepare them? That's where the Perfect Produce app from Spark People comes in handy. It tells you all that and more. Cost is one-99 for Apple and Android.
        Everybody's garden develops problems over the growing season. Consider the Garden Compass Plant and Disease Identifier app. It lets you take a photo and submit it to a team of garden experts. They'll identify it for you, as well as provide specific recommendations to resolve the problems.
        If its hungry insects devouring your crops, get the Bugs in the Garden app for iPhone and Android devices. Through illustrations and photos, you can ID the critters eating your veggies. You'll then learn what to do about it to rid your garden of those pests.

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